Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New Studio Directory Site

I've uploaded the latest addition in my internet marketing strategy. Bryanmolloyart.us . It is a simple, very traditional web site. Intended to imitate the bright, welcoming standard layout people have come to expect from a website, it is patterned after Rennaisance Capital's site. It is a simple portal menu to my bio site(bryanmolloyart.com), my gallery site(bryanmolloyart.org) and my gift shop site(bryanmolloyart.biz).

Meant to be an extremely communicative site, I've begun to integrate an international flavor. This is evident in the bryanmolloyart.US, address (.us is the future standard for websites in the United States). Also, when you mouseover the colored squares that link to the different sites, a translation of each site heading in 20 or so of the world's languages, including swahili and afrikaans, of the often not included; in common online translators; African languages. Hopefully it will be welcoming to an international audience, in the most inclusive sense.