Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tracey and Bob Meloni wedding portrait commission


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Early 21st Century Nuclear Physics

Early 21st Century Nuclear Physics:

A Poem (from Twitter) by Bryan Molloy

Higgs Boson one of a pair; delicate flocking, quarking mare; 1of2, so

are you; all time rocking, crocking there. Faster then faster friend-

Your lightly balanced bending hair; shaft not broke, follicle stoked;

in the end lighting Pegasus' yoke; balance due, 1and2, to the end of-

Bended breath, baited heft; lonely Boson weighted breath; whilst thine

with iron piggy smelt; that on end around the bend, taking with it-

Patience(s)' friend, on the end; solid quiz for meanings' bent- which

they then did divide; confuse. Tallish friend, dimension's end-

Tap thee solid like one friend- to the end, seen like a bend, twisted

in the imagination-land; 'till no more understanding lend, and we of


Coursing tee; ending in the end of trees, willing thee, splitting

thence, into 8s and bits of sense; bits of light standing on end-

Terminating then found friend, as the hence, Olympus rent; the

nodding, failing, trembling fend; off and then, dimension again,


Order off thine trend; this is well, this is then, #trending motto

'till the end; Alexander follows knot by chopping, lopping off-

But sorting not.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

2013 Artist Description

My work is primarily oil painting in a "Boston Impressionist" style as established by those artists influenced by Boston at the end of the 19th Century who trained in the tradition of those reclaiming the brilliance of the Renaissance while forging a new Eastern and Western globally integrated style of artistic discipline.