Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Early 21st Century Nuclear Physics

Early 21st Century Nuclear Physics:

A Poem (from Twitter) by Bryan Molloy

Higgs Boson one of a pair; delicate flocking, quarking mare; 1of2, so

are you; all time rocking, crocking there. Faster then faster friend-

Your lightly balanced bending hair; shaft not broke, follicle stoked;

in the end lighting Pegasus' yoke; balance due, 1and2, to the end of-

Bended breath, baited heft; lonely Boson weighted breath; whilst thine

with iron piggy smelt; that on end around the bend, taking with it-

Patience(s)' friend, on the end; solid quiz for meanings' bent- which

they then did divide; confuse. Tallish friend, dimension's end-

Tap thee solid like one friend- to the end, seen like a bend, twisted

in the imagination-land; 'till no more understanding lend, and we of


Coursing tee; ending in the end of trees, willing thee, splitting

thence, into 8s and bits of sense; bits of light standing on end-

Terminating then found friend, as the hence, Olympus rent; the

nodding, failing, trembling fend; off and then, dimension again,


Order off thine trend; this is well, this is then, #trending motto

'till the end; Alexander follows knot by chopping, lopping off-

But sorting not.