Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hilarious Email with Local Designer

Good Evening Bryan, First of all, let me start by saying that I am sorry you felt the need to respond in the manner in which you did. My email to you was meant as a kind follow-up to our prior email correspondence, and therefore, your response in return was unmerited and a bit shocking.Second, let me also say that I am sorry for the misspelling of your name. As I'm sure you can understand, we are all human and this was a simple mistake.Anyway, as I said above, I was simply emailing you to touch base about the potential working relationship that we had discussed previously. Yes, I am aware that the correspondence occurred a few months ago, and I am happy to apologize again for the delay; but if you'll re-read my last email, you'll note that I had already cordially done so. I think it is also important to mention that after our last correspondence regarding the rentable artwork, I did not feel that you were awaiting an immediate response from me. I had mentioned that I would be happy to review the information regarding your works and pricing once I received the material and then look forward to working with you in the future - hence my follow-up email to you today.While I had reached out to you at that time, preparing for potentially needing art rental services, I have consequently not needed the art rental services during these past couple months. That is just sometimes how client projects go. I am unclear on how you cannot understand that.As far as your statement on pricing goes, I did not misconstrue your statement of "Since I am new to this, pricing would, I imagine to be whatever gets the job done within your budget." into something else. My statement of "I am unsure if your costs will be feasible for my (and my client's) needs, but I do appreciate you willing to discuss." was my own determination based on the information you had given me and my own analysis of my client projects and my business. My statement on pricing was meant exactly as it was written, but I will clarify it for you again in the following sentences so you can try to understand what I was saying - 'I am not sure if your artwork that has "a fair-market value of about $1500.00" should be considered for an artwork rental situation where artwork is typically rented on a monthly basis anywhere from $8-$20 a month. Instead, I think perhaps the costs at which your artwork (which is more highly-valued than I would expect of artwork to be used for these type of projects) would need to be rented for - for a number of reasons including the liability of possible damage - would be too much for the artwork rental budget on most of my typical home staging client projects.' Despite that conclusion, however, I understood your statement of "whatever gets the job done", and therefore I added a second part to my sentence that read "but I do appreciate you willing to discuss". To clarify what I meant here, I have included the following sentence - 'I am glad that you are happy to work with us to determine the pricing on your artwork for rent, and I look forward to having a conversation about it and see if we can come up with some numbers and go from there.'Now, I hope my exaggeration on the clarification of that one sentence counters your exaggerated response of it! Regardless, Bryan, the discussion about renting your artwork is mute at this point. After your extremely rude and highly unprofessional response this evening, I will not be giving my business to you. I do not appreciate the profanity and abusive nature in which you have chosen to communicate with me and feel very sorry for you and for those who must deal with you.Your statements about me and my business are unfounded and, in fact, very ignorant - you know very little, if anything, about me or my business. In truth, my business is quite successful and I have a strong client base of whom I treat, just like all of my contacts, with respect, communication and professionalism; which is more than you can say for yourself. And straight from the mouths of our valued clients and contacts, we have a lot going for us and, therefore, we will remain constant in our mission to continue bringing quality services and great client care to the residents of central PA to improve this city and its vicinity - contrary to your outlook, which is simply disheartening. Lastly, as a small business in the city of Harrisburg, I would never denigrate another fellow business, but instead encourage and support them. I find your email response to me very telling of the person and "professional" that you are, and I feel thankful that our working relationship ended before it began. Good luck in the future.Valerie--Valerie BetzStudioVB :: Interior Design218 Verbeke StreetHarrisburg, PA
On Wed, Nov 30, 2011 at 4:47 PM, Bryan Molloy <> wrote:
Is this a form response? Glad you received the material, but I'm a little confused how my only mention of pricing:

"Since I am new to this, pricing would, I imagine to be whatever gets the job done within your budget."

... is construed by you into:

"I am unsure if your costs will be feasible for my (and my client's) needs, but I do appreciate you willing to discuss."

Also, along with the immesurate delay, the misspelling of my name, and the fact that all of this information is posted below in this very email, the only thing you have going for you is that you are a local small business owner. I am too, and even worse, we're part of the same industry. If you are smoking too much pot that's cool, but otherwise... get your shit together because we need to save this city and you are making us look bad. You had better regard your clients better than this...

Most Humbly,

Bryan Thomas
From: Valerie Betz <>To: Bryan Molloy <> Sent: Wednesday, November 30, 2011 2:10 PMSubject: Re: Rentable Art?
Hi Brian, I apologize that it has been a few weeks since we've communicated, but I have been quite busy and we had decided on a different solution for the project that I had contacted you about regarding the rented art. Nonetheless, I did receive your mailer with images of your rentable artwork. So, thank you! I will keep those on hand and be in contact should I be interested in using your artwork for a future client project. I am unsure if your costs will be feasible for my (and my client's) needs, but I do appreciate you willing to discuss. Again, I will be in contact as needed.Thanks again, Valerie--Valerie BetzStudioVB :: Interior Design218 Verbeke StreetHarrisburg, PA
On Wed, Aug 31, 2011 at 4:49 PM, Bryan Molloy <> wrote:
Hi Valerie,

A great many of my best framed pieces are on display @ Gallery@Second, untill 9/10, right downtown next to the Firehouse restaurant on second st.. Others I have in my studio, near Costco on Jonestown road. All of the framed pieces except the bulk of those on display, are on my website, any that are framed are pictured in their frames. I am definitely open to renting work for public display in a professionally staged environment! I would appreciate if you could snap a few photos of each job that I might use (with credit and link to you) for promo. too!

Since I am new to this, pricing would, I imagine to be whatever gets the job done within your budget. My only consideration is that you accept liability for any damages that occur, within reason. My work has appreciated to a fair-market value of about $1500.00/appox. 30"x40", and increasing or declining from that on a size-based slide.

Please peruse the website and perhaps check out my show on second street in the meantime. Let me know of any thoughts on specific works for specific upcoming projects or definitely usable, universally acceptable works so that I can get anything I might need to ready for you.

I work part-time in the evenings at the Art Association of Harrisburg mon.-thurs. 4-9p if you would like to talk in person.

Thanks again,

Bryan Thomas
From: Valerie Betz <>To: Bryan Molloy <>Sent: Wednesday, August 31, 2011 4:23 PMSubject: Re: Rentable Art?
Hi Bryan, Thanks for your quick reply! Yeah, I've been surprised at the difficulty finding artwork for rent!Anyway, I'm excited that you seem to be open to renting artwork for this purpose. I would love to have your complete listing and images of your framed works (including their frames) that would be ready and available for rent. This would be hugely helpful in the quick selection of appropriate art for certain projects. The dimensions of the pieces would also be greatly beneficial. Then, I am happy to select the works from that listing and inquire about frame options if need be.Also, just so you know, for home staging, the artwork I'm looking for would be subject matter that is universal and appealing to a wide range of viewers, so something like landscapes, botanical, abstract, scenic, still life, architectural, etc. You are welcome to send over the listing and photographs by email, but if the files are too large, snail mail is fine as well. In the meantime, can you give me a ballpark on pricing. Like I mentioned, I typically rent items for staging on a monthly basis, so I am hoping to do the same for artwork rental. So, let me know what you are thinking for a monthly rental fee. I'd like to know if this service is feasible for my client budgets.Also, in addition to having a listing of your available works, do you have an actual physical location that I could peruse the art in person, if need be? Just curious.Thanks so much. I am looking forward to seeing the artwork and hopefully working with you in the near future!Valerie--Valerie BetzStudioVB :: Interior Design218 Verbeke StreetHarrisburg, PA
On Wed, Aug 31, 2011 at 4:03 PM, Bryan Molloy <> wrote:
Hi Valerie,
Thanks for the message. I can rent artwork. It isn't something I've had many requests for, but it is a great idea, and I always wondered why more artists didn't do it. I have many works framed and ready for display. I would also suggest canvas prints that can be printed on demand and even retouched, of certain sold or specific works. I have many frames on standby, but this may be a specific consideration to you, as a designer; as far as matching works to decor. I can give you a complete listing of all the framed works, along with pictures of their respective frames for you to reference. I will mail you a digital and hard copy brochure to the address on your email. Choose the works you require and send me an email for the rates and other details.

Thanks for your interest,

Bryan Thomas
From: Valerie Betz <>To: molloy.bryan1@yahoo.comSent: Wednesday, August 31, 2011 3:22 PMSubject: Rentable Art?
Good Afternoon, I had come across your website sometime in the past and had bookmarked it as a source for rentable artwork. However, when coming back to your website today, I was unable to find any information on artwork that might be available for rent.I own and operate an interior design and home staging studio and would be interested in the possibility of renting artwork for some of my home staging clients. This would entail selecting and then renting appropriate artwork, on a monthly basis, to utilize in the design and staging of homes for sale. I'm not sure if this would be a service you could provide. If you could please respond at your earliest convenience, I would greatly appreciate it.Thank you, Valerie--Valerie BetzStudioVB :: Interior Design218 Verbeke StreetHarrisburg, PA